Mobile stand for Motorbike

Mobile stand for Motorbike
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Mobile stand for Motorbike

Mobile stand for Motorbike
Handles up to 400 kg.

Lift and move the largest "chunk" with no problems
works with all vehicles which have a center stand and move them in the narrowest space! Even models with 400 kg, and even motorcycles with luggage systems lift easily with one hand.

The unusual feature of the new Moto-Boy 3 is the platform which can be lowered to the bottom  (51cmx22cm)
Due to the special geometry, we have realized an unrivaled accessibility and mobility.

The motorcycle is parked with the main stand on the lowerable platform and raised by hand lever with minimal effort and very safe. With the oversized quality dual wheels (ø 7.5 cm) is the motorcycle even in confined spaces free and stable movable.

(Patent pending)

- Carrying capacity 400 kg

- With the 4 quality dual wheels

- Smooth black wheels diameter 7.5 cm

- Powder-coated surface Red

- Platform galvanized

- Very robust and reliable

Platform: approx 51cm x 22cm Thickness: 4mm
Overall dimensions: 80cm x 30cm
Height wheels: approx 7.5cm
Height of the plate in the raised position: 2cm
(Distance from the bottom)

Product.Nr.: 71.99.022

199,96 EUR
(168,03 EUR EX VAT, for none EU countries)
Incl. 19 % VAT excl. shipping costs

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